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Scope of CAD Services

Elite's experience as a full service engineering firm has given us the opportunity to develop many types of CAD drawings for a wide variety of clients. Our CAD technicians are accustomed to working together as a team to ensure that the project requirements are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Elite offers a wide range of CAD support services including but not limited to:

  • Development and Implementation of CAD Standards and Guideline Manuals.

    • Elite has in place a full set of "CAD Standards and Guidelines" based on the AIA CAD Layer Guidelines Second Edition.

    • Elite can readily adopt to any CAD Standards provided by the Client. At the start of each new client relationship, our practice is to set up a standard drawing template which conforms to all of the client's standards. This template is then used throughout all projects for that client. Further, Elite's Quality Assurance Program ensures that these standards are followed at all times.

  • CAD Conversion of existing manual drawings using one of two methods:

    • Scan the existing manual drawing and trace it in CAD (this is the quickest and most economical method).

    • Redraw the existing manual drawing to scale (this method takes more time and the cost is higher but it provides the most accurate drawing in the end).

  • Create As-Built Drawings of existing facilities and systems using information provided by the client or through our own field investigations.

  • Revise existing CAD drawings to fully conform the client's requirements.

Our goal is to help make the drawing effort as pleasant and economical as possible. By keeping our equipment and software current, we turn jobs around in a cost effective and timely manor.