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Our Project Approach

Project Organization

We believe that project responsibilities are best accomplished through the formation of an experienced project team specifically tailored to the requirements of the client and the complexities of each project. The project quality begins with the selection of the key personnel for the project; only those with appropriate experience are assigned to the project.

Each project team is headed by a Project Manager who directs, coordinates and leads all project activities. The Project Manager is authorized to fully commit Elite resources to the project. At the same time, the Project Manager interfaces directly with the client to assure full compliance with technical, cost, schedule and quality requirements of the project.

It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to select the planning and control techniques, which are appropriate for each project. These project specific controls are defined and documented in detail in the Project Management Manual, which is the referenced document for all project operations.

Project Controls

Elite’s Project Management Manual and Project Control Procedures (PCP’s) enable the Project Manager to prevent errors from passing through undetected. The Project Manager implements the appropriate project controls, technical and administrative procedures, to assure that errors are detected and corrected before the design documents are released for construction.

Design control is the consistent execution of a planned program, structured to ensure that the designs are correct and appropriate for the application. Measures have been established to:

  1. Make provisions to assure quality standards.

  2. Provide for design reviews.

  3. Provide control changes to the released design document.

The Elite Project Control Procedures are maintained and used to provide the procedures for the day to day performance of project work. Not all of the PCP’s are applicable to every project, and as such, will only be implemented when necessary. The applicable procedures to cover each project are listed in the specific Project Management Manual.